“What is time?” This is the question that afflicts not only physicists all over the world, but any living human being.

It is important to be able to use your time in the right way, protect it and give it value. Maybe it's the real key to achieving happiness, so they say. For those who deeply live their passions, time is reduced to the infinite instant in which, during that passion, you immerse yourself and get lost in a different, ephemeral but real world. In those moments the time, deep down, does not even exist, does it? You could almost say that time is "now", it is the instant in which nothing else except us exists, in which a new world, so evanescent and fragile, takes shape. Climbers know this very well. In the exact moment when they take their feet off the ground a dance begins, made of nice gestures to the holds and small steps on tiny crystals. These are parts of a time-no-time in which there is no future nor past: only the present exists. One present after another. As far as we know, in those moments, time could also flow backwards. You would probably not even notice it and, even if you did, it would not matter to you. What is certain is that there they are and they are alive: they are pure energy.

Mammut Elements is a 100% made in Italy project. Mammut Elements is matter. Or maybe something more?

Snow, Ice and Rock intertwine and merge into something more intricate: an intense emotion, a physical effort, a cry of joy, or, why not, a long silence. Just one thing is opposed to these elements, a "back to the reality" in the urban jungle. Yet, in all that disorder, it seems almost to see a harmonic art, made of color and movement. Mammut Italian athletes tell their relationship with "their" element. Mattia Felicetti, Martin Dejori, Janluca Kostner, Samuel Zeni, Alex Walpoth and Michael Piccolruaz are the protagonists of this mini series, divided into four episodes. Samuel Zeni and Alex Walpoth are the protagonists of this third episode, together with the breathtaking landscape of the Cinque Torri, a small mountain range belonging to the Nuvolau group, inside the Ampezzo Dolomites, just outside Cortina. Sameul Zeni, born in Val di Fiemme in 1989, is an aspiring mountain guide. Alex Walpoth, born in Ortisei in 1994 is an aspiring mountain guide and a medical student at the University of Innsbruck. Both have a highly respected mountaineering curriculum: for Samuel the first free climb of the "Road to the Last Tsar" on the first Pala di San Lucano and the opening of the "Pilatro Bianco" route on the third Pala di San Lucano, while Alex opened the "Via degli Studenti" and the "Ricordi nebbiosi” routes, two new itineraries of more than 1000 meters in the Civetta chain.

We are raptors of that inexplicable sense of emptiness. We are rockbusters!


Pictures: ©Gianluca Vanzetta