“What does ecstasy taste like?”

Some try to get a taste of it by laying down on the sand somewhere far away, some by diving in the deep sea and some others by going on the top of a mountain. Ecstasy is the closest sensation to the infinite, a fiction that pervades all five of your senses, a limbo between life and death. Ice instead is a temporary condition, it’s a continuously changing body. It is always different and this is what makes it unique. The temperature, the water flow and the sun radiations transform this condition into a problem to be solved. Climbing a frozen waterfall it’s equivalent to stopping the time. A contemplative approach, full of experience, spiritual and internal: this is the way to ruthlessly investigate the soul and see its insecurities reflected, its errors, its doubts. What appears to be a thunderous waterfall in the summer, dozes off and becomes silent in the winter.
Mammut Elements is substance. Or maybe something more? Snow, Ice and Rock intertwine and merge into something more intricate: an intense emotion, a physical effort, a cry of joy, or, why not, a long silence. One last element is opposed to them, a back to the reality in the urban jungle.
Yet, in all that disorder, it seems almost to see a harmonic art, made of color and movement. The Italian Mammut athletes tell their relationship with "their" element. Mattia Felicetti, Martin Dejori, Janluca Kostner, Alex Walpoth, Samuel Zeni and Michael Piccolruaz are the protagonists of this mini series, divided into four episodes. Martin Dejori and Janluca Kostner are the undisputed protagonists of the second episode of the Mammut Elements series, together with the beautiful Bletterbach waterfalls, located in Aldino in Alto Adige region. Born in Ortisei, Val Gardena, Martin and Janluca, have achieved important results in the alpine field despite their young age (for example Janluca climbed the north wall of the Eiger at 18 years old and Martin opened the Via degli Studenti on mount Civetta). Also known as Rio di Ora, Bletterbach’s canyon extends for more than 8km and is located at the bottom of Corno Bianco, a proper dolomitic geological amphitheater. In the past two years Bletterbach has become a real playground for climbers that want to try ice climbing in a unique and spectacular environment. Mammut Elements is a 100% made in Italy project. Everything is told by the voice of Ivan Pavlovic and through the images of the photographer Thomas Monsorno and the filmmaker Matteo Pavana.

You can take everything from us, just let us ecstasy.


Pictures: ©Thomas Monsorno